Increase Your Peace Of Mind And Water Supply With A Rainwater Collection System From Water Storage Cape Town

Living in uncertainty is never ideal especially if you have a family to look after. And that’s exactly what Capetonians have been doing for the past few months. With water sources scarce and water restrictions stringent, everybody is looking for ways to save and collect water in case municipal water is cut off.

Day zero has been moved to somewhere in July but it’s not clear if measures taken are of permanent nature or if we’ll be faced with the same conundrum come summer. Either way, you can avoid the possibility of being left without water and having to queue for hours for your share of water for the day.

By installing a rainwater collection system you can accumulate rainwater this winter to get you through the summer. It’s as easy as getting in touch with Water Storage Cape Town and having your own water storage solution connected to your council water supply point.

Water Storage Cape Town also offers other solutions such as borehole conversions. If you have a borehole installed on your property or plan on getting one, you can use that water source for more than just watering your garden. A filtration system can be connected and your borehole water can be used for the same purposes as your municipal water source, including consumption.

Leaving your water source in the hands of someone else is like playing the lotto. Chances are you will probably not win. Take control of your water supply by getting the help of Water Storage Cape Town. Let them install your rainwater collection system so you too can have peace of mind for the future. Get in touch with the team by giving them a call or by requesting a quote online.


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