Become Self Sufficient With Your Water Supply By Installing A Borehole Conversion From Water Storage Cape Town

It’s never a bad idea to become self-reliant, especially when it comes to water and energy sources. In times when drought is evident and your water source is hanging in the balance, making use of your borehole would prove to be highly beneficial.

Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought it’s seen in over a century. And while day zero is postponed to July, severe water restrictions are still in place and people are still looking for alternative water solutions in the event of it moving forward yet again.

If you already have a borehole installed on your property, you are in the fortunate position to use groundwater as your main water source. Typically, borehole water can be used to flush toilets, water your garden and top up your swimming pool. However, if you do a borehole conversion with Water Storage Cape Town, you can also use your borehole water for drinking purposes. This will enable you to supply your household with a constant water supply for everyday use.

If you don’t have a borehole, don’t fear. Water Storage Cape Town has other solutions available for you. You can have a tank installed on your property that’s connected to the council water supply. Should the water be shut off, you will still have water pumped into your home from the tank. This tank can also be connected to rainwater systems with a filtration system to get rid of any contaminants and making it safe for consumption.

Who wouldn’t want clean water on demand without being dependent on unreliable municipal water sources? And this at an affordable price. If you are interested in a borehole conversion, get in touch with Water Storage Cape Town today.

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